About Kristian Matthews

Web Designer & Developer

A student of Multimedia Computing and Animation with experience in web design and development, and programming.

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My name’s Kristian, I am a student studying Multimedia Computing and Animation at the University of Westminster. I enjoy loads of activities; a wide taste in music, particularly video games and soundtracks, many films and TV programmes and a bit of ‘non conventional’ reading to develop my skills. I am a self-taught web designer and developer, I also code in various application languages including ActionScript, C++ and Java.

During my time at university I was the Vice President of Design of the Electronics and Computer Science Society.

Current Projects


Classroom polling application to provide pop quizzes to students with real-time feedback.

Teachers and students will use their existing school account and the application. Teachers will be able to create quizzes with multiple-choice questions and definitive answers, they can then select groups of students to participate in the quiz or provide students with a quiz-specific code. Students are then able to commence the quiz if a teacher has selected them for a quiz or by entering a quiz-specific code. The quizzes can be completed during the students’ independent study or inside the classroom, completing a quiz inside the classroom allows the teacher to begin the quiz at a specific time and advanced the questions at specific times which can both be done in real-time, and the display at the front of the classroom shows real-time feedback of the current question such as correct versus incorrect answers. Showing real-time feedback allows the teacher the possibility to improve the quality of teaching by explaining the answer and ensuring students understand if any answered incorrectly. Teachers are able to view statistics to monitor students to see how they’re progressing per quiz or academic year.